What I like is the “Burma Shave Sign” effect. What I like is how much media you can mix into this. This has an Edison flickers feel to it. Just turn the crank and view. Very hands on. What I like is how I can treat Twitter like a blog

What I don’t like is that I can figure out how to embed the whole thread at once from my Twitter home page. I don’t think they have that function. It would be so useful if they did. What I don’t like is how I have to put the hashtage in every tweet if you want it to stay together. Also, there is no numbering of the tweets.

I was able to move the tweets into a moment. That be twitterspeke for the twitterati. You can create collections of tweets on twitter called ‘moments’. So I put the tweets into a moment. Well, that sorta worked, but it takes you away from the blog to view. So…this is poor substitute for Storify. Compared to Storify, it sucks. Otherwise, give it a spin


Mastodon #Smallpoems: Piping at the Gates of Dawn

I was reading about the unintended negative consequences of Bitcoin mining when I realized that there can be positive unintended consequences in our lives as well.For example, I have been having a regular “to and fro” with Kevin Hodgson and Wendy Taleo in the open source social media site Mastodon around the hashtag #smallpoems and #smallstories.  There have been numerous collaborative ventures between us, but none more interesting than one that started with a #smallstories entry by Wendy Taleo (@wentale).

And then

And then me

And then Kevin playing by subtracting words

And me adding some back

And Wendy reducing it all once again

None of this was intended any further than Wendy’s original seed post on Mastodon. What emerged was a positive as far as I am concerned and a product of the creative vulnerabilities of all concerned. That’s one of the beauties of Mastodon. It opens up adjacent possibilities as a function of its open structure. Yes, that structure can be abused but at worst it, unlike Twitter, is a neutral platform, unowned and open.

These are not separate poems. This is one poem in a river of poetry that flows on Mastodon at #smallpoems/#smallstories from all the connected tributaries. Wendy and Kevin and I are in this instance the otters and river rats and moles and toads in and around the stream weaving our mercuric lives together. It’s dawn and we are the piper’s at its gates.

My Voice, Love It or Hate It, but My Voice: Creating by Curating

Yogi Berra: ‘In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.’
New York Times – Nov 30, 3:00 AM

The extraordinary friendship of an elderly songwriter and the precocious child of his single-parent neighbor is at the heart of this novel that darts back and forth through the decades, from the 1960s to the era of Brexit. The first in a projected…

Image not available Terry Elliott FOMO to the max. I have not read even one of these. Have you? Which one would you read first? I would go for ‘Grant’ by Ron Chernow. Grant was aptly named Ulysses because he did save the republic.Besides, he was Mark Twain’s hero.
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Image not available – Mike Springer – Mar 29, 2012
Image not available Terry Elliott I love how searchable this archive. For example, I searched for ‘children’s songs’ and found this: Simply grand. Combine this with the other big collection at the American Folklife Center and you have it all. God bless Lomax.
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Image not available – Josh Jones – Dec 6, 2016

From Newton’s mechanical calculations to Einstein’s general and special relativity to the baffling indeterminacy of quantum mechanics, the discipline of physics has become increasingly arcane and complex, and less and less governed by orderly laws.

Image not available Terry Elliott Well done–an 8 minute map of physics. I think I want to create a similar map for my pedagogies and for my classes this spring. Really valuable as a process and a product.
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Image not available
Nieman Journalism Lab – Ricardo Bilton – Nov 28

LINK: ➚ | Posted by: Ricardo Bilton | November 30, 2017 A new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism offers a bit more insight into what’s driving distrust in news organizations…

Image not available Terry Elliott Crowdsourcing the issue of trust. Fascinating. Trust is a hard to come be, easy to lose proposition. Look at the full report and find out more. I like that this is a worldwide report.
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Image not available
ribbonfarm – Venkatesh Rao – Nov 30, 4:50 PM

When I think about history, the picture in my head is that of a roiling canvas of many choppy, intertwingled narrative streams, enveloped by many-hued nebulous fogs of mood and temper. Star-like cosmic irruption-events, ranging from discoveries to…

Image not available Terry Elliott Rao came up with this gem: ‘a Dark Age is an age where the dominant grand narrative is a closed one, but there is subversive vitality in the margins.’ Read Rao so that you know where you stand–in the center or on the margins. I’m on the margins.
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Image not available – David Theriault – Nov 26, 11:52 PM

If you are like me, you hate missing something important especially when it comes to doing something correctly: like writing. There are TONS of things to consider when we sit down to help our students write, but there’s ONE missing element that I…

Image not available Terry Elliott You can do the same exercise with a hashtag and the annotation tool, Way simpler.
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Image not available
JSTOR Daily – Daniel A. Gross – Nov 28, 6:15 AM

It’s a warm summer afternoon in the Tanzanian village of Lupiro, and Mikkel Brydegaard is crouching in a brick hut, trying to fix a broken laser. Next to him, on a tall tripod, three telescopes point through a window at a tree in the distance. A…

Image not available Terry Elliott It is all connected, that’s why. Now what is this ‘it’ and how does ‘it’ connect.
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Image not available
Medium – Nov 30, 10:39 AM

I first heard of Dr. Leyla Acaroglu when she started publishing her Tools For Systems Thinker series on Medium. The first article made the rounds in my various feeds and explained the 6 fundamental concepts of systems thinking. It was followed by…

Image not available Terry Elliott “I’ve done what the system told me to do.I got a job.I got a career.I’ve done all those things.Now, I feel deeply conflicted about the kind of world that we’re living in and the way I’m contributing to that.’ Unschooling, sistuhs and bruhs.Love complexity