Applying to Be a Digital Pedagogue. Will I Be a Binary Fellow?

I filled out an application to be a fellow for this summer’s Digital Pedagogy Lab 2019. This was a response to the following question: Are there any other factors regarding your application for this fellowship that you think are relevant or that you would like to share?

Here is a screencapture of their checklist:


Here is a checklist of those they particularly want to see apply. I only tick one item on the checklist. Maybe that’s one big reason why I have never been invited. Maybe I am undeserving or haven’t done enough to merit the $1000 fellowship. That’s probably the reason. They have some savvy folk who get invited to this.


I added “rural teacher” and “elder teacher” to the list in case ageism is still a ‘thing’ and ‘placeism’ might be a thing.

Rise Up, Singing!

Rise Up, Singing!
I woke up to tomorrow
just not the morrow
that’s another yesterday.
I wondered,
how I wondered,
who would mind
if it never came.
But it did
with candles
in the velvet dark,
a memory, of misery,
and of joy like coins jangling in your pocket,
and of loss like in a Randy Newman
I rise out of the water
and sing out
and sink again
and rise once more
and sing out.
You, too,
my friend,
we, too.
Tomorrow always,
always comes.

#smallpoems @lauraritchie