“How to Zeega”, Starring Blendspace!

I have created this Blendspace ‘lesson plan’ as a suggestion for those in #CLMOOC right now to collaborating on whatever they wish to feedforward into the near, mid, and far term. Embedded here are directions and resources for creating Zeegas. Even better I have also made this a collaborative space. Very recently, Blendspace was bought and folded into Wikispaces and TES.  Part of that deal made the collaborative part of Blendspace free!  Now you can edit and fix and renew and remix and add to the Zeega project below by using this link. I will also be putting this into the #CLMOOC Make Bank.


Five Image Story—>Five Image Gif—>Full Blown Zeega

I started this project as a five gif story idea instead of a five image story. I had been thinking in these terms when Dogtrax suggested the same idea. So knowing I had an audience of at least one I began fiddling with the idea of retelling the iconic drag racing scene from “Rebel Without a Cause”. Serendipitously, I discovered a neat, gif generating tool, Loop Findr, that is able to take video files and convert them into potential gifs.  As proof o’ concept I downloaded a short clip from the Futurama (“The Problem with Popplers”) website using Download Flash and Video.

I am not actually creating much of a story here so much as experimenting with Loop Findr and exploring how zeega can work with it. I think that I discovered how limited the five image story is. They might be a good tool if you are trying to get younger learners to imagine the pictures into a story as an exercise in the imagination, but I would think that those training wheels would have to come off quickly if you don’t want the five image scaffolding to have a permanent place in their heads instead of their own ideas. My next move was to find another way to do this five gif thing. Below is a five image story–>five image/five gif story–>reply with added gifs and music. You have to go past the silent stuff first to get to the music stuff.

Having gotten to this point, I was inspired by the idea of Hollywood’s treatment of cars as sacrificial icons. That led to James Dean and Rebel Without a Cause. I found the “Chicken Run” scene on YouTube, downloaded it, ran it through Loop Findr, pulled off gifs there and uploaded them to zeega along with other gifs from the same scene. Below is a first draft of this emerging theme. I found some music that fits the emotional feel of the theme on Soundcloud and voila, we have a beginning.

My purpose here is to see how messy I can make the five image story until it becomes what I want it to be. I think that the five image story is a way in, but a very limited way in. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself, do you want to teach ways in or do you want to teach students to find their own ways into story. I worry about the excessive scaffolding inherent in templates. By all means use templates, but be very wary–they might just end up creating what Max Stirner called “wheels in the head”, somebody else’s and not their own.

Now I think I need to put a little more Easy Rider, Christine, and DeathRace2000 in this,  and…..