Ten Ideas for a Sunday Morning in April

I am continuing to do the work of creating at least ten ideas a day a la this hackpad. The hackpad will by month’s end be a wikibook on this adventure. I think this might be a good way for students to develop long form projects/habits/essays/books–an organic approach to growing a narrative that is entertaining, full of different media, persuasive, recursive, hypertextual, and more. Plus, it is a classic example of Harold Jarche’s “seek|sense|share” knowledge management model. Here is today’s graphic that will also appear in the hackpad above.

graphic that sums up the ten ideas
10 ideas for a Sunday in April

And some audio comments using my old friend ipadio:

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    1. Well…yeah, who wouldn’t want that, right. I am a naturalist volunteer for Bernheim Forest and we do lots of moon walks and I was thinking how nice it would be to have glow in the dark trail markers so no lights would be needed at all. But the garden hose, well that’s just the creative icing, yes?

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