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inspired by 

One of my mantras whenever I do anything for the #rhizo15 is powered by  the phrase, “Inspired by”. For example,

inspired by (1)

I am inspired by Tania’s rhizoradio play, “Mr X loses his battle for objectivity” so much that I wanted to write my own rhizoplay. Or at least a draft. You can see that below.  You can add to it, subtract from it, crush it, smoke it, copy it, or otherwise complete it.  I will be citing lots of inspiration the rest of week. You can, too.

View another damned text box on Hackpad.


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    I like it. Thank you for the citation; I think I look good in green. This should be good – the possibilities given what you’ve created …

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    Terry I added stuff. I hope it save automatically. Never used Hackpad before. Feel free to change and depete and rearrange, as always.

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