Just Wait: A Found Anagram Poem for Dogtrax

Kevin commented on one of my posts about his word of 2015, ‘pause’, by trying to create a pause at the end of his comment.  Our evil overlord,WordPress, abhors a text vacuum so, infinitely wise, made it not so.

Dissed by a content management system.  Say it ain’t so, bro?

Undeterred, Kevin made another comment by God and found a way to propitiate the blogging divinities.


I could not resist the attractive nuisance of all that white space so I tagged it just like Banksy…but without the spray paint…and monochrome…and not so angsty.

Just wait

You can play too if you want just by downloading the image above and putting it in your fav manipulation software or…just do what you will.  I have provided an alternative that you might want to play with since this game is all about the infinite play that has no bounds but we all know the game is more satisfying when you invite others.

Below you will find an editable Canva link with Kevin’s anagram.  If you don’t know Canva, just use one of the copies I have provided, tag it a bit and have fun with the handiest tool since velcro.

Here is the link to Canva.  I hope to update this so that I can embed the Canva to my blog here.  Keep watching or use the link above.



Will It Take An Apocalypse?

I am listening to (and reading) Neal Stephenson’s latest novel Seveneves, an apocalypse novel about the days leading up to a mass extinction event called ‘the white rain’ and beyond.  Without going into a review or a synopsis, I will say that it is great listen if you like lots of science and don’t mind stopping every once in a while to imagine stuff on your mind’s movie screen.  But that is not why I am writing.

I am writing because of a tiny, almost throwaway paragraph about a third of the way through, written about one of the main characters, Doob, and his wife, Amelia, an elementary school teacher.  Can you imagine what it might be like to teach during an apocalypse?



Is this what it would take to get educational reform that fits the world better? An apocalypse? Damn. Maybe so, because what I am seeing pass for reform today isn’t anything like this. There are a few alternatives out there (unschooling, Montessori, Steiner, Sudbury), but their total numbers have never been much compared to the status quo.

What will it take to get

  1. learning for its own sake
  2. no tests
  3. no ticktock curriculum
  4. the improvised and shared learning adhocracy

What will it take for us to finally be needed, to finally get the opportunity to show everyone the sterner stuff that we are made of. If not now, when?  The apocalypse?