#F5F on a Saturday Morning in June

There is a lot layered down in this production and it feels incomplete, but I want to get it down and on the web before PopcornMaker gives it up. I am using a track created in Bossjock on an iPad and then layed down in Popcornmaker (since YouTube no longer works in PopcornMaker I uploaded the sound file to Soundcloud which, happily, still works.)

2 Replies to “#F5F on a Saturday Morning in June”

  1. now that was certainly an interesting juxtaposition of angry rebellion and gratitude/appreciation. I kept trying to figure out how I felt, and mostly I felt like the high-five guy! 🙂 Love the soundtrack of student angry but on-target voice.

  2. Yeah, kinda what I was looking for–a juxtaposition of bad learning with good as represented by my Friday Five. This is often how double bound I feel as a teacher, not as a learner in #CLMOOC though. I am free here, free to jam up protest against with protest for, free to take a near stranger’s poem and do ‘violence’ to it knowing it is likely quite OK even welcome to do so, free to walk in my front yard and do a single take recording to be added to a playlist and trust that whatever I do will be OK, free to go back and forth coining words of oblique sorrow and joy. Free at last, praise God Almighty, free at last.

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