2 Replies to “TwitterChat: SelfAutopsy in a Time of Systems Cholera”

  1. Hi Terry. I really like the analysis you did of last Thursday’s chat, both the content, and the format.

    While I’ve had interns work with me off and on for many years I’ve never had consistent involvement of groups of writers/thinkers with the talent you demonstrate to help me communicate the ideas I’ve been sharing via my blogs, web sites, and social media.

    In June I did a presentation at the Illinois Campus Compact conference in Chicago. They have VISTA teams on 20-30 college campuses in Illinois, with peer groups doing the same in other states. I introduced the idea of building Tutor/Mentor Connection teams on different campuses to duplicate what I’ve been doing in Chicago, with a focus on the local geography surrounding each campus. You can find the presentation at http://tutormentor.blogspot.com/2015/06/building-tutormentor-teams-at.html

    I hope you’ll take a look at this, and dissect/re-mix it in your own style. Perhaps someone will understand and respond from how you or someone else presents these ideas.,

    Thanks for the work you and others have been doing to support the CLMOOC.

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