Messing with Our Sotto Voce


In a previous post I had been trying to respond to my friend Susan’s tough week with some words of my own– word processed, hand-written and spoken.  Simon grabbed the words and ran them through the transmogrifier of his own grand voice and then poured them into the new glass below. Here is what he did.

Tuesday 09:03 AM by sensor63

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I responded on the Soundcloud site with annotations to his sound file (one of the best parts of their cloud application as far as I am concerned).  It isn’t every day that someone holds up a mirror to your words to see if they are still alive.  That is what Simon did.

Then I got to return the mirror to his words with more words, recursive and echoing.  I took all of my responses at his Soundcloud site and refashioned them into a single piece here in the Hackpad below where it starts as a ‘found’ poem of sorts and can be collaboratively transformed if anyone wants to play.

View Tuesday 9:03 a.m. on Hackpad.

I am reminded of the potlatch cultures of the Pacific Northwest who measure status in a community by one’s capacity to give to others. When I get involved in these back and forth gifts of attention and care, I feel like the richest man in the world. We give away all and we get all back, but somehow it never feels like an exchange of commerce. It is a different kind of back and forth, a totally made up game with the rules improvised through friendship and loyalty and fond…hacking? Or something like that, only better said, huskier and with more feeling. And quiet as a 24/7 laundrette at 3 a.m.



Four Friends in a Boat

In a previous post, three of my friends responded. Glorious. And I wanted to expand upon that by exploring the river’s flux even further.

I am reminded of Ratty’s response in The Wind in the Willows to the practice of ‘being about on boats’.

“What?” cried the Rat, open-mouthed: “Never been in a—you never—well I—what have you been doing, then?”

“Is it so nice as all that?” asked the Mole shyly, though he was quite prepared to believe it as he leant back in his seat and surveyed the cushions, the oars, the rowlocks, and all the fascinating fittings, and felt the boat sway lightly under him.

“Nice? It’s the only thing,” said the Water Rat solemnly as he leant forward for his stroke. “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolute nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing,” he went on dreamily: “messing—about—in—boats; messing—”

“Look ahead, Rat!” cried the Mole suddenly.

It was too late. The boat struck the bank full tilt. The dreamer, the joyous oarsman, lay on his back at the bottom of the boat, his heels in the air.

“—about in boats—or with boats,” the Rat went on composedly, picking himself up with a pleasant laugh. “In or out of ’em, it doesn’t matter. Nothing seems really to matter, that’s the charm of it. Whether you get away, or whether you don’t; whether you arrive at your destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never get anywhere at all, you’re always busy, and you never do anything in particular; and when you’ve done it there’s always something else to do, and you can do it if you like, but you’d much better not. Look here! If you’ve really nothing else on hand this morning, supposing we drop down the river together, and have a long day of it?”

The Mole waggled his toes from sheer happiness, spread his chest with a sigh of full contentment, and leant back blissfully into the soft cushions. “What a day I’m having!” he said. “Let us start at once!”

This is my way of inviting my friends and more of you to climb aboard to play on the banks in this boat:

View Old Nobody on Hackpad.

Week’s Coolest: A Collection of Idiosyncrasies for September 13-20, 2015

I will be pulling interesting items from my Google + Collections to share here. If you like them, then I will keep doing them.  We shall see.

I yearn for a workshop to make cool stuff. Yearn.


File this under memes begging to be carried on.

Well, don’t that just beat all.


Let’s annotate and discuss

Finally, check out Nick Sousanis’ new comics course. Fer realz, fer sherz, and wishing it was fer allz.