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Zoho ShowTime: An Innovative Software That Takes Boring Out of Your Presentations

The average human has a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish. It’s just 8 seconds! Yet an average presentation takes 20 minutes and includes more than 15 slides. Does it really surprise you then that most presentations fail to leave any impact? Or even keep the audience engaged?


I spent about an hour this morning playing about with Zoho Showtime Presenter. I am going to bring this to my students on Monday so that they can evaluate it as a potential presentation tool. I think it might prove very effective in the classroom for short interactive presentations.

Audience can

1. Like individual slides,
2. Ask questions,
3. Scroll back to existing slides
4. Follow along either on the website or the app

Presenters can

1. present at the laptop, with their smartphone, or use a clicker,
2. look at audience questions and even address them during the presentation,
3. get feedback at the end of the talk from the audience,
4. publish the talk,
5. get simple metrics from the talk itself.

You can import a ppt/pptx or pdf into Showtime Presenter. You can create new ones with a very clean and easy to use interface (I really like it a lot for student use.) After you publish a talk you can send anyone the link and you can also embed that link into an LMS or blog or wiki or wherever you can. See below for sample I imported.

I forget how useful the Zoho stable of tools has been for me over the years. This one seems to click for me and I think it might work for selected learners. I am considering using it for my online Intro to Lit class. I especially like how it allows the audience to ask questions asynchronously. I need to explore whether it will allow real “talk” to happen. I don’t have a ppt with sound so I will just have to create one inside zoho to see if it can work that way. Wouldn’t that be handy as a pocket on a shirt.