I am presenting on Thursday evening to the WKU Writing Project Spring Conference about using some handy tools for personal, professional, and pedagogical reflection. All of these tools were tested and proven on this blog so thanks to all who helped me grow up with Vialogues and SnagIt and Screencast-O-Matic and YouTube. And many more. Without an audience I might just have labored in even greater obscurity.


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    Terry, this is great. I often think about (and try to do) similar presentations. Yours is brilliant. I guess because you’ve been using these tools for so long, and thinking in this way as a teacher and online inhabiter/learner, the power of your presentation is the simplicity that comes with deep understanding. My presentations are usually overcluttered but now I am inspired to declutter. Thank you. And I’d like to show some of your slides to some of the teachers at my school – with full attribution of course.

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      I’d be honored to live (if only through my slides) in the Land of Oz. I, too, have the issue of overclutter in my day 2 day work in class. I try to do too much, try to cram too much. Haiku Deck has a nice effect on me as a presenter and a writer. I started the presentation by thinking of it not as a gathering of tools but as the story of how I solved a problem. The problem was not solved by any sterling aptitude with the digital tools but rather by a particular attitude toward the work of learning. I think the greatest lesson we have to offer other learners is our example. Teachers, mentors, media specialists, family, admins and all the rest don’t need to ‘personalize’ learning so much as offer their own personal learning as one way to have at it, a way that each person needs to find as well.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and making my day.

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