The Four-Leaf Clover and the Centipede

When my wife looks down on our farm she sees these easily:


When I look down on our farm I see these easily:

WP_20160428_012 (1)

Elaine and I have lived together since 1977 yet our pattern recognition filters are awesomely and radically divergent.
Google and Facebook think they can be our alternate filters through algorithms that predict and then recommend from the available data what we might want to view next.
They can try,but until they can do way better,  I prefer my human filters, my online curators, my non-artificial intelligences. That is one of the lessons of connecting online–we can rely on each other as recommendation engines.  You never know when someone will share an entire patch of four-leaf clovers or some hideously gorgeous bug.  And you never know how that pattern might just be an exact click fit for what you are in need of that exact moment and that auspicious place.

(This web post was designed with in mind.)

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