Adult Coloring Books, the British Museum, and the Adjacent Possible

Here is how I took a little pause from #clmooc today.

Public domain from the British Museum. Click on image to go to site.

11099451033_d3068d4ee7_o (1)


Adult coloring book treatment using the image manipulation tool SnagIt, but you can use the fill/eyedropper tool on any similar tool to get the colorizing done. You will note that my banner is this image.


Took a quote from Simon Ensor’s post and used Visual Poetry to do the layout.

hope is very much

Used the same technique to color it with SnagIt.

hope is very muchyellow background

Sometimes the doors are opened by an unexpected attraction of very dissimilar elements.  That’s an academic way of saying “Shit happens.”  And in a good way, a handy way.  In this case I remembered a very cool gif that Ronald created a while ago

Combine that with the British Museum public domain flood of a million images and some recent work by Susan Watson using zentangles and gifs and the adjacent door in this amazing just opened on its secret hinges.

I know that others of you out there might say, “What;s the big deal? It’s just the fill tool in any image manipulation tool, right?” True, it’s my little deal and it’s fun and useful and I thought it was one of those classic ways that repertoire and connection work to happily complexify one’s play life: Vive Homo Ludens

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