What Are the Traffic Jams and Hot Asphalt of EdTech?

What are the “traffic jams and hot asphalt” of learning with tech (software and hardware)?

attention wars
last mile/foot/inch delivery of…learning
disintermediating learning platforms so that there is no last mile
the increasing frequency of unknown unknowns and how to deal with them as they erupt
the unhappy/happy realization that perhaps the tygers of wrath really are wiser than the horses of instruction

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Not If It Happens, But How It Happens

Pornographic film appears on billboard in Jakarta – BBC News

Somebody hacked a public billboard.  Any connected thing is capable of being hacked.  The Internet of Things is a growing universe of things to be hacked.  What happens when the most routine aspects of our day can grow out of control.  How do you grab control of a billboard? Signage and video everywhere has the potential to be a public embarrassment/a public statement.  What will our response be: the terrorist response and the application of overwhelming force including more burdensome laws and regulations or censorship of public signage or ever more draconian security measures or what?

People Bleeding

NJ Transit train crash: 1 dead, 108 injured at Hoboken station

“I saw a woman pinned under concrete,” Shah told NBC New York. “A lot of people were bleeding; one guy was crying.”

I was very upset by this story but even more troubled that a parallel story about Beyonce bleeding onstage after an earring mishap was trending higher than the Hoboken story. Logically, I should not be so upset. The only connection is the Google algorithm that ‘argues’ the importance of Beyonce uber alles. I suppose it is the same kind of problem I have with the human journalistic algorithm that says “if it bleeds, it leads”. I have an anti-filter that opposes this. so…I created a screencast about ‘people bleeding’ that shows why I am upset. A woman pinned under concrete should not get less attention than a celebrity bleeding from a nasty, but in no way life-threatening, earring ‘malfunction’.

Hoboken v Beyonce

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