Step Right Up. Get Ready. It’s Coming…It’s Here

These maps
overlay the world,
pinned by software,
infinitely determinable,
like GPS
reducing eternity and infinitude
in object and shape and dimension
to metes and bounds and points.
It’s the end of the world
or of a world.
A New Globe
ubiquitous and singular.
The old, coarse burlap of before
has been cut,
de-natured and distilled and
repurposed into postcards of no longer discoverable places.
and resold,
our custom-made
imaginary apocalypse
of unreality,


Concentrate Your Minds, Gather Your Hearts, It Is Time to Rise Above Protest and Fight for Power

The 13 impossible crises that humanity now faces | George Monbiot

I am appalled by the political, social, financial and environmental chicanery that has led us to this particular still point in time. Any one of Monbiot’s thirteen points could be a challenge to our survival. Together? Potentially ‘game-over-man’, paralytic even, a ketamine cocktail.

No. We can at least act in our pixel-level consciousness. Act locally and trust what emerges. Can it be worse than what we already have?  Maybe, but what the hell. Give that roulette of fate a spin and drop the ball.

And follow some good advice. Listen to this podcast interview with Richard Seymour on the riveting Saturday morning political program, “This Is Hell”. Seymour argues that while protest has its uses, power must be seized. Or as he puts it in his article in Salvage, “Saturn devours his young: President Trump,”

The Left must remain hard not only in its ‘support for’ but its aggressive, militant solidarity with migrants, with the black activists insisting that the police be held to account, against whom an onslaught is to be expected. We must work vigorously in united fronts without blunting our politics of opposition, without succumbing to the forthcoming wave of sentimentality about Obama – the mechanisms of drone death, whistleblower-attack and trenchant state surveillance now in the hands of a bloviating monster are, of course, Obama’s mechanisms. In response to the liberals with whom we will march, who insist to us that ‘love trumps hate’, we must argue instead for more hate, to hate more, to hate harder – in the right direction.

More than one commentator, and not only of the far Left or right, has discerned in this moment a slide towards a new civil war. This is only half-correct. It is one of the vanishingly few positive things one can say about Trump’s victory that it clarifies that: the war was here already.