A Haiku Siren/ Irrevocable and Now/ Wailing and Wailing


Returning from Kevin Hodgson’s blog posts about haiku I felt obliged to comment

Poetry is the world already transformed. Glad you are finding the deep well of grace that poetry is. And that you have drunk from it, deeply.

Here are some other drinking sources:

A unique multigenre haiku by Scott Helmes

Some haiku from the Japanese master, Issa.

An essay on the haiku as ‘Western’ form (really eyeopening).

I felt the form in this especially deep drink of water by Rick Black from his Jerusalem Haiku (BTW, this is what is called a “dos-a-dos” bound book with war haiku on one side and peace haiku on the other):

just buried soldier –
too soon for his mother to notice
the clump of crocus

I always do an apt response (or so I think) to the captcha text on Kevin’s blog. In this case it became a haiku with the words “wail iris” in them.

Antispamifivesevenfivity: wail iris

Wail, Oh iris, wail.

Irrevocable and now.

Be a siren’s yawp

A longer form of haiku, the renga, is a great collaborative poetry and has potential as a networked narrative.  Below you can see a Storify I made for others who want to explore this poetic form.



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