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    Yes, definitions help us think more precisely about the world. The other view is solipsism, which seems to me more narcissistic, less scientific. Your mileage may differ.

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    Ahhh .. back to defining and not defining, and heck, I don’t even know what story is anymore. But I do appreciate the forced thinking that you and Sandy are doing … perhaps is clarifies or perhaps it muddies my thinking, but in either case, I am wondering and pondering about it.

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      Hence, the “so what” part of the title. I have the same feelings you do. As an American pragmatist (I farm, I have owned my own businesses, I tinker) defining is mostly done on the fly if and as needed. I hear you. I consider over-sharing and over-defining to be in the same emotional/ intellectual rowboat…with only one oar. ;{)

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