Spinning the Spun, Improvising the Improvised, Xeroxing the Xeroxed

Here is a consideration of  both improv and netnarr and bot alchemy all in one place.

In the link below, I am beginning to explore the various iterations and finding out what these ‘improvs’ show us.


Here is the same document but available for further annotative improv, a kind of slomo improvisation.

SloMo SpinBot Annotation


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    I can see having even more fun with this than translating back and forth (especially with early translation software)

    “arranged act of spontaneity” reminds me of “organized spontaneous demonstration,” an expression I came across during the mid 60s in Egypt, (more or less) literally translated from colloquial Arabic. As best I recall, this expression resulted from adding a prefix to a verb stem, not unlike inseparable prefix German verbs. Sketchy but one can forget a lot in 50 years.

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    Very cool! I had no idea such a tool was available and that, perhaps, my students could be using this in an attempt to avoid plagiarism?? (Highly unlikely since they’re in 6th grade. ). Definitely brings up the question of authorship/generativity. Temepted to use in my own writing….is it not any different than using a thesaurus, in a way? Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks for dropping by. Anything that can generate a different perspective if only a quarter turn is da bees kneez. Sorry, I slipped into 20’s hipster argot. I almost got out my gat, you know,my roscoe.

      Thanks again. U gave me some ideas.

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