Acting Out and Thinking Loud–Thinking and Acting Out Loud

Folks who think out loud don’t get no respetc. Nonz.  But I am going to do it, naytheless.

I have been watching Simon Ensor’s blog of late oscillate toward a marvelous political dynamism.  In other words, he bringing it.  And Americans can get it, we can reciprocate and get into the French elections with some serious empathy.  We feel your pain.

Here is his latest Steller response to the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. I think I commented by calling her a vulture edupreneur (reminescent of Matt Taibi’s moniker for hedge fund creeps, “vampire squids”).

He has since posted a longer read here. Please comment and annotate if you are so moved by going here.

I have been exploring Everett Reiner’s 1970’s book, School Is Dead for about about a week and am about to dive deep into annotating it. His words seems apt and strong and worthy for the moment.

Here is a Pablo quote from it inspired by Simon’s incandescence:

And here with a bit of revision and a new app, VanillaPen:

I have been thinking about “gifs that talk” and exploring tools like Gif Out Loud and Gif Talk. Below is one I created with my own voice using Gif Out Loud and then uploading to YouTube.

Taking the ashes

Our vulturecater edupreneurs eat the masses.

I don’t think I have any particular learning agenda in these explorations other than simple needs: the need to express, the need to add voice to gif (especially my own voice), the need to respond, and the need to play per se. I yearn to be free and to help others be free, too.

Fly my lunas. Fly.

Luna Moth Away!

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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