U.S.S. Nuzzel Newsletter–Fun

“To You Who Will Never Read This” – Terry Elliott’s Nuzzel Newsletter on Sat, Feb 11 2017

I stumbled into Nuzzel. I am stumbling around inside it. I am stumbling into a lot of fun. I can’t quite remember when I first ran across Nuzzel, but I finally took the newsletter plunge a couple of weeks ago.  Here is my public feed, my newsletter well-spring.

I like both the automatic curation from my feed and the opportunity to manually add links. I like the ability to add short curations to each link.  I like the fact that if I miss a day, my robot buddy will take charge, but I have rarely wanted to miss a day.  I find that the work of curating, summarizing, analyzing and critiquing in a limited frame is liberating; hence, the whole fun thing.

I also love how it relies on work you have already done in setting up the feed.  Still getting the hang of that.  And so is Nuzzel.  I am looking forward to growing and learning with this humble microblogging aggregating subscription service.

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