224 Books About Music in David Byrne’s Personal Library

David Byrne promotes libraries in all their physical presence. We need them now more than ever. I really love this Open Culture article and it’s amazing list of Byrne’s own library. Included is a link to a BrainPickings article that includes World Cat links to nearby libraries where you can find the books. I am planning on getting out my Interlibrary Loan card and going wild. (One of the few remaining perks of my university job is free interlibrary loan requests.) Wheeee! Ima gonna get George Prochnik’s “In pursuit of silence : listening for meaning in a world of noise” first. Can’t wait.

Here is the list all by its lonesome.  I am working on making it more presentable, but this is the raw library with links to Amazon and World Cat.  It is an editable list if you want to help make it more viewer friendly.

And music for Valentine’s Day:

David Byrne / St Vincent "WHO" from martin de thurah on Vimeo.

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