Fake News Is a Red Herring, Propaganda, on the Other Hand…

Advertising Sh*ts in your Head: Review

Here is a copy of the book as well.

But, here’s the thing.  I am probably going to insult you when I say this, so consider yourself “triggered” (what we used to  call nothing at all because we assumed some good faith and good will).

Most folks can’t be bothered to be bothered. Be bothered.





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    The article reminded me a bit of the Hack Jams that Andrea Z and Chad S do/did at NCTE each year — of “stealing” swag from the vendors in the booths and remaking the advertisements into art that pushes back on the corporatization of education. (http://digitalis.nwp.org/site-blog/ncte-hackjam-grab-swag-and-remix/5814)
    On one level, it is just pure fun. On the other, it is collective art being constructed in a public space — often in the lobby, by the elevator, with wary NCTE and hotel people looking on — and allows some venting of the relative powerlessness teachers like me feel when Big Friggin’ Money enters the fray (Golden Times a’Coming under DeVos).
    Thanks for sharing.

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