Five Easy Pieces

Each ‘loose piece’ below is a way of expressing a collection of links.

Webarchiving is all.  It archives everything on a page and then stores them online (I think in the Internet Archive, not sure.) I am thinking of using this as a ‘textbook creation’ tool for my next semester.

The Newsletter link is from Nuzzel and is a way to tie Twitter and Facebook into automatic or manual news curation.  It is the core from which all of these variations are spun.  This particular newsletter was manually curated from my RSS feed,  email newsletters, and my weird ace in the hole, Calibre.

The Blog Post is just a cut and paste of the Nuzzel Newsletter into WordPress.  This allows a further edit of the material. You can expand or cut it, add media, and otherwise enrich the simple Nuzzel Newsletter format.

The Screencast is simply a SnagIt video capture uploaded to YouTube. It affords other possibilities although this is a simple, adhoc screencast.

The Podcast uses a tool I discovered this week and shared in my classes–Narro.   It is text-2-speech software much like the recently defunct SoundGecko, but the creators of this software went further.  It creates an RSS feed and enables podcasting.

So what? What is the significance of these variations on a theme?  For me, I love how I learn so thoroughly when I translate from one form to another.  And I like variety.  I have been looking for a way automate podcasting and I have made a step toward that even though I am not quite ready for primetime yet with mine.  (Ed podcasts are so wretched for the most part excepting Paul Allison’s TTT.) This is the long way ’round the barn toward saying that I am not exactly sure what the point of these five easy pieces are other than all these tools seemed to come together this week.  I am just struggling out loud here folks and I don’t care who knows it.




Blog Post:

Jankin’ around Mit Science and Other Sturm und Drang – Sat, Mar 25 2017


Nuzzle Newsletter March 25. 2017

A screencast of my newsletter



Jankin’ around Mit Science and Other Sturm und Drang – Sat, Mar 25 2017