Sure/Not Sure: A Poem

Not sure:

  • Reading papers.
  • Marking papers.
  • Grading papers.
  • Re-reading papers.
  • Re-marking papers.
  • Re-grading papers.
  • Re-considering all of the above.



Re-planting some errant blackberries and raspberries.

Planting watermelon and canteloupe.

Walking on my half-mile lane to check the mail.

Stopping to smell a mock orange and a Tuscany rose and some honey in a bee tree somewhere near.

Tilling some ground for sweet taters.

Eating snap peas off the vine.

Making my wife her lunch.

Yeah, I am sure.

4 Replies to “Sure/Not Sure: A Poem”

  1. I’ve never been much of a “listener” to music, or a concert goer, but the videos you, Kevin and Simon post, have led me to more music than I’ve found in a lifetime.

    Agree with “let’s learn sumfin”

    1. I have not. I think it will be automatic if I just procrastinate long enough. One of my projects for the summer is to get the open version of Hackpad running on my own and then sharing it out or showing folks how to do it for themselves. Would you be interested in that? Dropbox’s Paper is really quite good, but it does not have that capability of creating additional hackpad (wormholes) so easily. Hackpad, we barely knew ye.

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