An Invocation to “Come & Play”

Simon’s latest ramble ends with the invitation, “Come and play.”  Don’t mind if I do.

I remixed his long read into a video using the very interesting new browser tool, Lumen5.

Lumen5 allows you to ‘translate’ any web post into a multimedia production.  Here is my translation of Simon’s post. It feels a bit like a sliver to a much sharper and larger shard that is the original, but I got a good sense for this new tool and more importantly a better handle on Simon’s work.

Thanks, Simon, for letting me ‘trans-relate’ your synaptics.


4 Replies to “An Invocation to “Come & Play””

  1. You know I can’t resist the invite to play. That tools seems interesting, in that it provides some choice and agency along with some algorithmic elements. I’m seeing it as turning posts into poems, in a way.
    Working on one now for another CLMOOC friend. I think doing reciprocal play (honoring the words of others) is the best way forward with this kind of tool.

  2. Nice to see how ideas and inspiration you, Kevin, Simon and others share are passed around like seeds from a dandelion which are spread by the wind and land in many unexpected places. Where they land new flowers sprout.

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