A New Way to Share

I got early access to a new multi-media tool called Ludus.  I re-created or ‘plaborized’ (play+labor+plagiarized) Wendell Berry’s poem “The Real Work” to create the embedded object below. Hover over it, make it full screen and click your way through.  You might think of this as the love child of zeega and popcornmaker.  It gives me the same happy creative feel.  Sweet.  If you want access, you can let me know and I will try to get the developers to get it for you.  I promised I would share it with youse guys so maybe they will help out by letting #clmooc folk have a bit of early access.  You can argue your own point on the site above and ask there for early bird user rights.  It is well worth the effort.  I fiddled with it off and on for about a week before I finally found something I wanted to publish. This was so much fun. Kudos absolutement to the folk at Ludus.


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  1. This looks lovely – you know how much I loved Popcorn Webmaker and still love Zeega. I left my email on the site, and got an autoresponce , but if you can help me to hasten that access I’d love to get my hands on it

  2. Terry, what’s the business model for this? If they charge a fee for use, it will limit the number who try it. If like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. they create a free use, perhaps they can gain enough users to generate advertising revenue, or sell advertising as “boosts” to a post, like Facebook is trying to do.

    1. I hesitate to look too closely at the business model. So many of these tools have failed that I take it for granted that this one will bite the dust eventually. That is one of the reasons I got help to host Zeega. It is my fallback tool, yet…I know that it too will fail eventually, broken by the advancing guard of the Internet.

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