The Needle’s Eye that Doth Supply…

Kentucky game song:

The needle’s eye, that doth supply,
The thread that runs so true,
Many a beau have I let go
Because I wanted you.


I see a frail connection as the ragweed begins to reach 20 feet in the garden.  The power network and the data connection come in on gnarly creosoted posts across miles of bottoms and pastures, tiny and fragile hyphae working their way back to me, a minotaur in a hollar.

The line in the image above is the direct result of President Roosevelt’s rural electrification act of 1934.  It was a jobs program of the finest kind. He recognized that we live in a commons that everybody must share and tend to.  That line extends through history to the present day.

One day the ragweed could overcome the networked thread above, grounding out the signal.  The thread that runs so true, that begins with me and you, will end.


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