Browser History Twister

Yesterday, Wendy Taleo responded to my idea in a tweetchat about using browser histories to “doodle” with. She created the image below, then I created a thinglink to add digital objects to the image.  You can do the same. There are no rules.  Click on image anywhere and then edit it with the little pencil icon in the corner.  Doodle away.  Doodle whatevs. Thanks, Wendy, for taking hold of the improvisational spirit of the doodle.


3 Replies to “Browser History Twister”

    1. Hi Daniel, I created the image. I looked at my browser history for one day. I clipped just the icons and placed them in time sequence, bottom to top, right to left. for example the last thing I did that day was a bit of Open Uni study (blue icon). It’s a great idea for thinglink…..creating a twisted history of internet use! I’ll add a few links when i’m back at the desktop…..edit ain’t working on ipad.

  1. Terry and Wendy. You’ve both used Thinglink in the past. Is this a free resource or does it require a fee? I created the graphic on this blog and I’m planning to create a cMap version. I’d try Thinglink if it is free. If not, maybe one of you could take a crack at it.

    In the article I show elements that are on the graphic, with links that I’d include in the Thinglink and in a cMap.

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