Come Back, Gif. Come Back.

A recent encounter on Twitter:


I really missed Peter Kittle on #CLMOOC. Of course I thought of the closing scene from the incomparable Western, Shane.

I used the GifIt function on YouTube to create a gif clip.

Then I followed with an online tool you might not know–EZGIF.  It is so easy to add captions.

And just for fun I converted the original into the “new” animated png (APNG) format.

A couple of added benefits of using a tool like this.  You can really appreciate the cinematography in Shane especially in the shot-by-shot look in EZGIF.  Second, there are lots of pro tips for tweaking and optimizing your gif.  Have fun.


2 Replies to “Come Back, Gif. Come Back.”

  1. Thanks for your explanation, as ever. I am getting glimpses of how all of this might be writing – or, better, storytelling.

    This week has been an eye opener.

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