The Rise of the Bots!

I found a really fun site that helps you create Twitter bots.
Cheap Bots, Done Quick!
Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Autofleneur:  a procedurally-generated guide to getting lost. It was inspired by the traditions of flânerie and psychogeography.

Tiny Gallery:  tiny galleries with tiny pictures. Charming defined.

Teleport Bot:  a text bot who teleports you to magical, inspiring places.

Lots of Eyes: pretty much what it says but iconic.


I am looking for ideas for making my own Twitter bot and I would love some ideas in the Google Form below.  Any and all are allowed.  I will choose one of the ideas and create a bot using the chosen idea (or at least try to do so).  You can make your own. Just follow the directions on the site (or this site)and Bob is your favorite uncle.

If you are looking for a useful bot for re-tweeting try this one. It, too, has dead solid directions.



One Reply to “The Rise of the Bots!”

  1. Hi Terry,

    This is useful, but I want to engage with real people not with bots. Can you point to some links discussing the value of bots and why they should be used, or not?

    There already is too much noise on social media. Learning to create bots only contributes to that noise. My opinion.

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