A Story, A Poem, A Hybrid?

I was writing a small story today for my Mastodon account inspired by some field work I did yesterday. I was moving pasture fencing and taking a break from the hot sun.  The sheep were deep in the shadows. Me, too.

Here is my Mastodon story:

Here is a poem taken from it:

Farm Proverbs

 When you are working 
 in a field 
 the word shade’ has added meaning. 
 A breeze’ has even more meaning. 
 A breeze while resting in the shade carries deeper meaning still. 
 And still air is heavier than words can carry.  
 The sound of a horse fly 
 while sitting in the still air
  will fix anyone’s attention, 
  especially if they have felt its bite. 
  Words in the wild 
  unlike words on a page ever dreamed.
Here is a YouTube created from it using Lumen 5:

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