Annotating Papers for the ASA’s “Pedagogies of Dissent” Conference

The idea for having pre-conference and post-conference conversation/collaboration that Jeremy Dean suggests here is exactly the kind of use case I have been looking for.  I think that annotation is a learning end in itself, but I also want it have some extrinsic value as well.  I don’t want the notes to just sit on a digital shelf gathering electronic dust.  That is what most of my annotations are doing.  These simple collaborations go a long way toward satisfying me.

Besides, the papers sound interesting

I repeat: the idea of annotating before a conference AND THEN using those annotations to bring an alt conversation to that conference is exactly the ‘next level’ I have been hoping for from Annotations need to be used!  They have instrumental value beyond intrinsic social and personal ones.


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  1. I’m there reading, and annotating a bit. It feels a bit too much like academic mumbo jumbo, but I too like the idea of annotations becoming something else in this kind of project.

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