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A new book, Poems of Gratitude edited by Emily Fragos, recently floated across my RSS reader.  Sometimes these collections are just the same old shuck and jive poems regurgitated to make a quick buck, but this one isn’t. So many reasons to be grateful.

Below you can see the Table of Contents for the collection:

While there are generous helpings of old poetry war horses here, I found this counterintuitive poem about praise and gratefulness compelling and from a poet I was utterly unfamiliar with, Adam Zagajewski.

This brings me to my purpose in this post. I am trying to create a ‘gratefulness’ project using Hypothes.is and the tag, #gratefulpoems.  You can annotate this poem above using Hypothes.is.  If you use the #gratefulpoems hashtag then you can find all of the gratefulness at this link in Hypothes.is.  I hope folks take that grateful outpouring and remix and mashup even further.

I am thinking that folks might use this Table of Contents embedded above as a jumping off point to share more of the poems in Hypothes.is  so that we can create a rhizomass, a great tangle of poems with gratefulness at their beating heart.  The responses to the poem will be what they will be, but I suspect they will be powerfully connected, evoking a ripple outward.

American Thanksgiving is, of course, the undercurrent that drives me, but also American complicity in making the world a less than thankful place in Yemen and Syria and the thousand other anthills we are kicking in the world.  I want a countervailing American force of positive energy.  Naive, yes. Then let me naive.  Join in. Be grateful. Let that energy break over the swamp and cleanse it and you for the holidays at least.

Here is poem I wrote in the spirit of gratefulness.

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