Upon Julia’s Clothes: Reading and Thinking Out Loud

I am using Anchor.fm in my intro to lit classroom this week. I am trying to model what it means to read out loud and think out loud in preparation for an analysis paper we do. What Anchor.fm allows you to do is create a podcast on the fly. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. Low barrier to entry, high context. That is a very rare combination. And so many potential uses. I like the idea of thinking out loud and sharing that thinking with others in the classroom. I think it could go a very long way toward creating expertise within the classroom as well as resources for future students.

Here is my first one: “Upon Julia’s Clothes: Reading and Thinking Out Loud”. It’s a little over two minutes.
an easy listen:

Here is a text copy of the poem with some annotations on Hypothes.is.

Upon Julia’s Clothes

Whenas in silks my Julia goes,
Then, then (methinks) how sweetly flows
That liquefaction of her clothes.

Next, when I cast mine eyes, and see
That brave vibration each way free,
O how that glittering taketh me!

This poem is a whole thing and the podcast via Anchor.fm is a complete thing as well. A consummation devoutly to be wish, yes?

Rumi + Wendell Berry = Sublime Generosity


Here are two quotes I mashed up in my morning newsletter:

Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone. ~Wendell Berry


There’s a field somewhere beyond all doubt and wrong doing.
I’ll meet you there. ~Rumi

Here is the mashup:

Discover Yourself in that Common Ground Without Wrong or Doubt.