Low Barrier to Entry: Big Doors, Easy to Open

I want to be able to go from media to response with as little friction as possible.  Minimum viable product for responding.  YMMV, right?  Here is an example from this morning.

I have watched Susan Watson’s work with doodles turn into a disciplined approach to viewing the world.  I admire what she has done and especially her “proto-comic” this morning.

I was so happy with my reaction that I wanted to share immediately.  I chose Diigo’s screencapture/annotation tool to do so.  My first thought was Hypothes.is (can’t do pix yet) or Flickr (their recently re-instituted note function), but neither were frictionless so I just used Diigo.  Such a happy rediscovery.  Here is what I did with it’s so simple interface.

And thanks to Susan.

My Newsletter May 30, 2018