#Writeout Mammoth Cave National Park (MCNP)

Mammoth Cave historian Roger Brucker said it best, “Maps came first at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. ”

I have created a map of sorts for you to explore and a cave to descend into.  It’s called Zotero.  I have gathered and continue to gather maps for you to consider if you want to know more about the caves. I am also collecting stories as well although that will come a bit more slowly.

Here is the link to the Mammoth Cave map Zotero resource.  This is a public resource and you can join in as a member and add to it as you wish.

Here is the link to the RSS feed if you want to follow as I gather more.

This particular human space, Mammoth Cave, is both the surface and underground. It has a history that mirrors the social, economic, philosophical and cultural history of America. And it is one of the most profound metaphors for mapping that we have.  As above, so below.  My wife leads tours as part of the interpretive staff and would be happy to share with you some of this map’s stories.  They are legion.


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    I am adding more as I write. Stories. The biggie–Floyd Collins. Thanks for dropping by.

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