A poem with annotations. My own annotations. Is it still a poem? Is it a poem plus?  Do they both stand alone?  How do you read the annotated poem? Must you read them together? Could you use this as a model for generating poetry?  In other words could I take any text (sound, image, video) and annotate it with the idea of responding ‘poetically’? Then I pull out the annotated layer and edit from there?  Might be a fun way for those with little confidence writing poetry to make it so.

I reckon this is what a blog is for thinking and working out loud. And for taking a 10,000 foot view of the narrative.

This is a little more readable.


I used my new digital hardware, ReMarkable, to manage this annotation. It has some layering software I am interested in learning to use, but for now consider this my first salvo in moving toward this digital analog of paper.

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