4 Replies to “Hope and Change: Nope. Enraged.”

    1. No, not all the blame, but when you play the ‘hope card’ you better be all in. He wasn’t. Part character flaw, part incompetence, part what others did. Bad mix. Very bad.

  1. I met Michelle Obama in the mid 1990s when she was at the University of Chicago. I presented the Tutor/Mentor Connection strategy to her and asked for her support.

    I met Barack Obama in 1999 when he was a speaker at a Tutor/Mentor Connection conference that I hosted in Chicago. I asked for his support.

    I’ve written 33 articles since 2008 that I tagged #Obama. They were there for him or any of his staff to read and respond to.

    They are still there.


    1. I think Bernie has it right. It really is all on us. I am only now seeing that while Obama really was a bare minimum dude, perhaps I was, too.

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