Attention Must Be Paid

Been playing with an alternative to the lost and lamented Hackpad.  Found it. HackMD.  Below is a note I made using HackMD.  Not as good as Hackpad, not as intuitive, but it has some interesting export and download options.

At first I thought there was no embed option, but I found a reference to it in the help file.  The first embed below is one that HackMD allows for Google Drive.  It didn’t allow the images, so I embedded the whole note.  Worked a charm except for the width of the video.  Hmmmm.

I am drawn to this video.  It is evocative.  Death of a salesman, death of the American spirit.  There are scary consequences for change.  We are seeing them right now.  People are pushing back.  Many secretly harbor Willy Loman’s confusion, but without Linda to bolster them.  I think that this is a play ripe for review and serious rethinking.  I plan to watch it again at the earliest opportunity.  There are so many good versions.

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