Raising Public Hell by Reflecting Out Loud

I was unable to attend a public Google Hangout for #unboundeq


Kevin Hodgson beat me to the trigger when he put the Hangout on Vialogues. (If you have never used Vialogues, put simply, it is a way to annotate a video. Columbia University has sponsored this free online tool and I cannot imagine my intellectual life without it.)

I am starting the Vialogue at 42:09 so that Mike Caulfied can ask the big question that Daniel Bassill puts so well in one of his comments: “How do we bring about a culture that not only trains the young, and maybe some of the adult college students, but actually gets these skills and motivations to the people that really need to have it?”

I have copied a relevant passage here using an etherpad alternative, PiratePad. This is where the hell raising comes in the comments below.


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