Open Question about Open Pedagogy: Do We Have a Duty to Build a Consensus for Action?

Two articles in my Nuzzel feed this morning dovetail ferociously. I have begun to annotate both of these if you want to join me.  Click links below.

Renee DiResta’s post in Ribbonfarm about the Information War.

Mike Caulfield’s post in Hapgood about the tensions in open pedagogy.

Read back-to-back, they give me great pause for my profession, learning.  And the quote below taken from a comment in DiResta’s post is chilling.

(The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium by Martin Gurri.)

I am worried about this quote. If true, where does that leave us? A world where, as teachers, we might just be coming to a gunfight with a knife?  How are we, as teachers, building a consensus for action instead of just a holding action of skepticism and resistance? I suspect we ain’t.

I have been seeing more and more in my media flow a call for massive, non-violent, passive resistance as the only consensus for action from people like Chris Hedges. Is that the consensus we need to be calling for in our learners?  If we don’t, will there be anybody left to teach?  I suspect not.


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