Hopeless in the Margins

I was reading Ian O’Byrne’s week two introduction to Revolutionary Poets Society It occurred to me that a digital revolutionary might use a digital tool to respond. Et voila, Hypothes.is, the perfect tool for kibitzing from the sides. It is, of course, raw, unpolished, and grossly ‘approximate’ , but it is not intended as being hard-hearted although it has a dark view of hope tinged by having lived through the accomplished lie of Obama’s hope and change.

So here it is in a slightly more polished form taken from within an etherpad and embedded here:

This version is from the other side of the margins, twice removed from the source.


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    I am the shadow
    of the shadow
    of myself, the text,
    the words I left
    when I backed my way
    forward … gather me,
    won’t you? I am
    that which you curate
    when you leave me

    — loved your poems … your video is set on private so I couldn’t see … more marginalization as invisibility cloak?

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    Video reset.
    My wake,
    my smoke,
    my echo
    to your shadow.
    We edge
    as ever
    to the infinite

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