Night Hark

So many of the artifacts I call poetry are just me putting a bow on a gift from the world just barely away from my keyboard. Simpler put:

We are conducting,

we are the night,

we make the meaning,

we bring the light.


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    Observation: I first saw a link in your newsletter (still reading!) to the SoundSlides (and remembered there is some new update … gotta get back in) and then over the day, I had wandered back to the text of the poem here (maybe from Twitter?). Since my first brush with it was your voice over image in SoundSlides, it was your voice I heard again in my head when I read the words of the poem itself on the flat screen page. Which I thought was pretty cool, because I don’t think it would have been the same the other way around ….

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    Sound over text? Cool. The richness of signal over sound is the same richness of analog over digital, vinyl over mp3, black and white print over pixel. Oh my, what have we lost and what can we claw back? Old man, porch, off the lawn, kids these days?

    Soundslides is mos def back. The developer, Joe Weiss, is continuing apace with its re-birth. It is so simple and suitable for kid use. He is trying to get it where instead of just mp3 and image files it will include videos. I think he will have a direct save to YouTube soon. Pretty cool and responsive dude especially on the website’s Forum page.

    Here is one I did this summer when I had more time than sense:

    BTW, I am not going to hang up the day job to do voiceovers. Nope. Gratuitous emoji to follow:🤡

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