Anti-DeOppRe-Pressants: A MediaPoem with Communal Ending

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Bogoroditse Devo – Rachmaninoff

Improvvisazione de “Il polifonico Adiemus” durante la giornata conclusiva di MiTo 2016 a Milano

Hug the sensorium.



“Play” with younger humans.



Take on empathy.

This is so deep

Uploaded by pankaj raturi on 2019-10-01.

Wish someone well, not just OK.

An old man hugs his cat as he helplessly watches his house burn right in front of his eyes in Turkey’s Bolu province on Jan. 17, 2018. (AA Photo) #DailySabah #picoftheday #Turkey

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[More anti-deoppre-pressant words]

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