Not sure about the use for this, but …

Not sure about the use for this, but here is a tool, “Full Page Screen Capture”. Pretty much self-explanatory. It turns a web page into a jpeg.  Click on the link below to enlarge it. Works pretty fast.



Not sure how to use it. I snarked out a bit using Snag-It

Does not work for behind paywalls.  Sighs all ’round.  My wife, a busy knitter, says it might be very useful for free knitting patterns online.  She says a picture is perfect for her uses.  Let me know if you find any other uses.


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    I tried it after googling “longest website on Internet” but it wouldn’t work on those and told me it failed. 🙁
    So I did your post — capturing the capture of the capture …

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      Although your gif is a pretty good example of infinite recursion, rabbit holes inside rabbit holes etcetcetc.

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