My Work of Late: ACUE

I just now finished an eight-month course sponsored by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), “Effective Teaching Practices”. I am exhausted by it. Done. But not done. One of our faculty leaders asked for further reflections that she could take with her to a conference she was attending. I created a multimedia presentation that followed the text below (which, interestingly, makes it look like a poem).


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    I find myself
    all askew –
    looking for
    a clue

    I ask you:

    What are
    we to do
    when the
    world blinks

    -Kevin, playmode

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    We find much to do,

    me and you.

    Much to

    Undo, re-true and

    Unthink through.

    One blink,


    and we shall do no more;

    Undone and done.

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