The Infinitely Adaptable Learner

This is a response to an online assignment for a student of mine who is from Vietnam.  He is in transit and is stopping in the U.K. for family reasons.  Yet…he is my model of the infinitely adaptable learner.  He wrote his response with paper and pencil and posted it as a picture. All of this on the fly.  Thanks, Bao.



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    Hi Terry. I hope you’re doing well.

    Your post today calls to mind the “motivated learner” concept. That’s the student who is driven by curiosity and/or self discipline, to exceed expectations on all learning efforts.

    Today in my ChicagoHackNight slack channel a grad student from Stanford University posted an article titled, “How to end World Poverty and Racial Power Imbalance in 1 Generation”.

    His premise is that throughout Asia, Africa and South America (the third world) there are millions of intelligent, self motivated learners, who could be expanding their knowledge via MOOCs and on-line resources, an innovating new products and services that would help build their economies and better and lift up their people. He goes into great detail to show opportunities that exists, then to outline a learning incentive plan that would draw learners to this on-line content.

    I think you’ll enjoy it. And perhaps want to think of ways to apply the idea to under-motivated learners in high poverty areas of many parts of our own country.

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    I am all over this. Thanks, Daniel.

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