Cadging Poetry Wherever You Will in April

I used this post on one of my Discord channels as inspiration for a poem.  Credit to Thing1 on the HardLensMedia #general channel.

I find it’s often the case that logic and emotion don’t really like to line up with what makes the most sense. It sounds like there’s a lot you’ve been through, so don’t beat yourself for feeling like you’re not processing it the way you feel you should. Recovery is like cleaning a house after a flood. It’s ugly and painful and messy and even once you’re done fixing flood damage there’s always maintenance on the house. Don’t try to condition yourself, just process those emotions as you’re able to. Conditioning is what you think other people want your recovery to be. Processing is actual recovery. I had to learn that one the hard way through many years of therapy, but then I’m stubborn. I don’t know what happened with your daughter, and that’s not really my business, but if gardening was something you did together and you haven’t been able to until now, then I am wildly proud of you for doing so. It looks like you’ve got one hell of a great start! I’d love to be able to cook with fresh herbs like those. Color me very jealous.


Here is my version, cadged and recooked from the original.


“Logic and emotion 
won’t square
in this world,”
you say.
Sounds like 
you’ve been put through
and beat upon
and left to process it all. 
is like cleaning a house 
after a flood. 
And never done.
So I say let it be.
No conditions:  

just process

as able. 

No conditions:
    just process
    as able. 
I had to learn this
the hard way 
through those hard 
stubborn years 
I don’t know, 
that’s really your business, 
but if gardening 
is anything you can do together 
that you haven’t done before, 
then I am wildly proud of you 
for doing so now. 
What a start
to have fresh starts
fresh herbs
fresh colors.
Color me very jealous.
How did Candide re-start at the end?
“That’s is very well put, 
but we must cultivate our garden.”
Fresh ground
that does not require you
to square logic and emotion.


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    There have always been many people suffering through a painful loss.
    That number has increased with this new crisis.

    Yet, at some point, for those who will survive, we must re-start.
    Move on.

    Have hope that better futures will grow in the garden of life.

    Thanks Terry, for reshaping words and sharing your thoughts.

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    Terry, It seems it is the hollars of your world where I learn so many words, new to me, gazing into their history and wondering how I could have missed that one? And it seems like our every moment is now a poetry in motion and emotion as we open our eyes for hope, fresh hope, fresh starts, fresh colors. Thank you for you. Stay safe in your world. Hello to your family. ~ Sheri

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