Gaia Cool

Gaia Cool

My big red boxer, 


dropped a dead possum 

at my feet 

when I was in the pasture


Biggest I had ever seen, 

full of carrion beetles and blowflies.  

I was disgusted. 

I was awestruck. 

In unison

and realizing 

in my rational self,   

“There seems to be a larger and more “natural” set of statutes and regulations loose in the world and it’s not the law of all against all as Hobbes put it. It is the indifference of Gaia, a system articulated over time, decentralized but absolute in its connections.”

So many words

to not mean

what the dead,


meat bag 

at my feet 


in this moment

Gaia cool

…whether I like it or want it or not.

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