A History of Grieving

The image is here to show checks in the heartwood, good for burning not for sawing.
Let not one purpose guide us in what we do.


A History of Grieving

Networks exist


Networks are tangled,

roots between.

They break.

They take

time  to


Sometimes they never heal.

All lost things

were once connected,

but if you are lost to your own world,

you will not mourn

its loss.

Said another way:


do not mourn

the loss of others

they do not feel connected to.

They are unconsoled.


So I propose a different kind of grief:

grief for the tangle,

grief for the warren,

grief for all the lost links

that bound me to thee,

whatever those might be.

Let us all tell the history of grief,

together reconnecting.


(Poem freely adapted and translated from the article, “A Different Kind of Grief: Learning to Love Our Networks in a Time of Disconnection”



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