Text 2 Speech War

Amazon’s new text2speech engine Polly is pretty lifelike. I copied all my comments from my daily newsletter over into Polly.  Soundcloud below contains profane comments. Yup.

I compared the results with Narro, my go-to text2speech tool, and found Polly to be the winner.

And it looks like Amazon has big plans for Polly and its other face, Lex, the speech-to-text synthesizer.

I really wish that Amazon had not won.

Playing with Twitter Archive

In a recent Hangout Wendy Taleo (@wentale) was asking for help finding a twitter archiving tool that would enable easy text manipulation. I think this is it. Maybe some of my other few but fine readers would be interested in Amit Agarwal’s clever Google Drive tool and how to install and use it. And if you find something better, send it her way via her Twitter handle, @wentale .