A Shepherd Waiting


A Shepherd Waits


The electric lines

sing with a twang.

So we begin the night watch

for new lambs.


It is early in the season yet

so mostly

we hear

bold emptiness.


The loudest silence

I know

is the perfect nothing

of the vigil

before the lambstorm.


We practice observing

what we cannot note,

an apprehension


alive in the vigil,

alive in the ewe,

a perfect unstorm

silent as memory


one bleat

or two

and sometimes three.


But not tonight.

I hear only

the frozen electric on the wire,

the constellations slinging their myths,

and the burping cuds

of the quotidien sheep.

The  shepherd waits

as midwife and husband

beyond time and tide and sleep.



What I like is the “Burma Shave Sign” effect. What I like is how much media you can mix into this. This has an Edison flickers feel to it. Just turn the crank and view. Very hands on. What I like is how I can treat Twitter like a blog

What I don’t like is that I can figure out how to embed the whole thread at once from my Twitter home page. I don’t think they have that function. It would be so useful if they did. What I don’t like is how I have to put the hashtage in every tweet if you want it to stay together. Also, there is no numbering of the tweets.

I was able to move the tweets into a moment. That be twitterspeke for the twitterati. You can create collections of tweets on twitter called ‘moments’. So I put the tweets into a moment. Well, that sorta worked, but it takes you away from the blog to view. So…this is poor substitute for Storify. Compared to Storify, it sucks. Otherwise, give it a spin